Quick Weight Loss Diets - Things You Should Know

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The Internet is filled with quick weight loss diets and claims. Most sites offer unrealistic and unsafe weight loss goals. Sometimes losing weight to fast is not healthy. In order to lose weight and keep the fat from showing up again you need to adhere to a sensible, well balanced and healthy diet on a daily basis. You also need to find ways to add more physical activity into your busy schedule.

Factors that Influence Weight

No one's weight stays constant throughout their life. There are a plenty of reasons that influence weight gain and loss. For instance, what a person weighs is relative to their genetic makeup as well as their physiology, as well as their age and the condition of their health. The amount of food that someone consumes on a regular basis makes is just as important as the type of foods that they eat.

If you tend to be an emotional eater who uses food to cope with loneliness, depression, boredom, sadness or stress in general then this will have an impact on your weight.  Are you a couch potato or do you make exercise a priority in your life? A sedentary person will weigh more than a person who takes walks, gardens or does any form of physical activity on a frequent basis.

If you are ready to lose the extra weight that you have been carrying around for some time then one way to do that is to increase your consumption of foods that aid the body in its ability to burn fat. The organ that metabolizes fat in the body is the liver. If you eat foods that improve the functioning of the liver then this in turn helps the body in fighting fat which can lead to a more svelte looking you! There are a number of foods that can help to increase the body's ability to fight fat.


-Dark Leafy Green Vegetables

-Olives/ Olive Oil  

-Beans and Legumes

-Garlic and Onions


-Nuts (if your are non allergic)

The Weight and Health Connection

Weighing more than you should does a lot more than just affect how you look or lower your self esteem. It can decrease the amount of energy you have and it can pose a terrible threat to your health and well-being. An overabundance of fat on the body can make a person more susceptible to developing any number of medical problems including high blood pressure, heart attacks, coronary artery disease and Type 2 diabetes.

Using the Body Mass Index (BMI)

In order to determine if you need to be on a rapid weight loss diet, the first course of action is to talk to a physician. Then figure out what your body mass index (BMI) is. The BMI will let you know the percentage of fat you have on your body and if it is too much. The body mass index is suitable for adults aged 19 to 70 years of age. The BMI is not meant to be used for pregnant women or women who are breast feeding. It is also not suitable for individuals who have chronic diseases, pro athletes or bodybuilders.

If your BMI is low then quick weight loss diets are probably not right for you. The higher it is the more fat you have on your body and the more important it is that you lose weight in a healthy way. A man whose waist measures more than 40 inches has a BMI that is high and needs to lose fat. For a woman the number that puts her at risk when it comes to her waist measurement is 35 inches and over.

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